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2014 NYE Meme

I am currently writing this while sitting at my office.My tradition now is to write this before I head out for this final shindig of the year but this year I just didn’t have time, so 9 days into the new year here you go.

I also know that many people aren’t using live journal anymore, so I know I didn’t have the feedback here. Trying to figure that all out and will be posting this to Live Journal and to Tumblr with a Facebook link which seems like overdoing it but there it is.

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I know my year 2015 will be filled with Russ, friends and parties, friend’s weddings, our honeymoon, producing the Night Market, Flipside, and Burning Man. The bottom of my pyramid is set. Now it’s time to reach for my next level.


2013 NYE Meme

I am currently flying to Houston from Cabo San Lucas, where I spent Christmas with my Mom and sister. We were supposed to leave yesterday but our plane had a leak, so they cancelled the flight and repaired it overnight. On the plus side, I got upgraded to first class, so I'm writing this from a swanky seat. I'm feeling good as I write this.

My tradition now is to write this before I head out for this final shindig of the year.

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I know my year 2013 will be filled with Russ, friends and parties, trying to produce Night Market, helping my sister with her wedding, Flipside, and of course The Epic Wedfest Weekend. My goals are to keep my shit together and enjoy the wedding process instead of letting it stress me out. This is what I have trained for all these years after all. And the end result is I will be married to my Unicorn.


40 Awesomeness

So I turned 40 yesterday. This one makes me think about age and time and etc etc.

I feel good. I can't control time, but I can control what I do with it. Starting on my birthday last year i started this list to see if I could fill it. And I really did, and many of these items contain so many smaller awesome things that the only thing I can can feel is grateful as to where I am right now. The past year has been filled with good food, good friends, silliness, music, art, travel and most of all love.

40 Things That Were Awesome in the Year Before I turned 40

1.Had a lovely small group birthday dinner at Uchi, Austin’s premier sushi restaurant
2.Went to Twigsville, my favorite event with my favorite people and took Russ for hirst 1st one
3. Throughout the year had great 1X1 (or 2X2) dinners with people (Ava, Nila and Hector, Treg and Jennifer, Steph Vborney, Jen Marie, Mary J, Delia, Carlos and Audrey, Kelly and Sam)
4. Alamo goodness (Moulin Rouge Sing A Long)
5. Helped make a dress out of bubble wrap
6. Did real swing dancing with my boyfriend (took lessons)
7. Went to Boston and saw an amazing drag musical Mildred Fierce and tried the Boston Parade which was kinda awesomely bad
8. Emceed and helped (but wasn’t in charge!) of the Austin GCI
9. Went to Honk! Marching Band Festival
10. Joined a book club where we actually talk about the books
11. New dancing-Went country dancing for the first time in Texas and took a Bollywood class
12. Got my first pair of cowboy boots
13. Marched in my first political rally (against SB-1)
14. Shot a gun for the first time in many years
15. Ate at every bbq restaurant in Lockhart
16. Went to Casa Rio de Colores for Girl Sleepover. Just amazing night with amazing women. Had a perfect moment and found where I will be getting married.
17. Went to a Back That Ass up Party
18. Spent a great sleepover night with girl friends
19.Took my boyfriend to his first Flipside
20. Ran a successful original theme camp-Camp No Thank You
21. Went to Stubb’s Gospel Brunch
22. Saw Cindy Sherman’s retrospective
23. Boyfriend moved in
24. Watched Sharknado from a pool
25. Went to my 14th? Burning Man and took Russell to his first
26. Went to Yosemite and toured the oldest trees
27. Went to Grand Canyon for the first time and saw sunset and sunrise on the ridge
28. Finally got insulation installed in my house
29. Emceed Flipside town hall
30. Had a lovely (if cold) Art Outside
31. Saw Book of Mormon
32. Saw the Postal Service
33. Got engaged
34. Saw Janelle Monae
35. Had 5 Fabulous days in new Orleans with 25 friends
36. Prince! -Went to a Prince Dance Party with some of my favorite people and a Princemas party
37. Read Hyperbole and a Half’s new book
38. Helped in a true grown up surprise party (where the bday girl was actually surprised)
39. Saw Fat Bottom Cabaret show (plus size Burlesuqe)
40. Saw the Memphis Musical

Also thought I would use this to post my current wish list, in case anyone feels like putting another physical want into my world, but mostly because I think it's interesting to look back on the material things I want


Gift Cards to:

Size 8, Black Nefertitis http://www.fluevog.com/code/?p=8&view=detail&colourID=3761

Sixe 7 1/2 Black and white bunnys http://www.fluevog.com/code/?w%5B0%5D=search%3Abunny&p=1&pp=1&view=detail&colourID=3837

XXL Macabi Skirt:

Items from here:

I do already have the googly eyes.
I really love these: https://www.etsy.com/listing/110194797/nebula-eyelash-jewelry-stars-in-space?ref=shop_home_feat

Crafters/Artists I Like:
http://fluxejewelry.com/index.php?route=common/home (specifically the geometric and steampunk collections)

More Expensive:




Camp No Thank You Follow Up

This is the follow up to my previous post about Camp No Thank You, the concept Flipside camp I came up with a year ago. I started writing this in June but needed time to get it all put together. Now it’s time to do my “How was Burning Man” post and this is hanging over my head. So here’s that post. The camp required a lot of set up and different people played different parts.

The makers:
XT: Idea, consulting, button maker

Pixie: Fellow idea generator of buttons and co-creator of the No Thank You sign.

Russ: Schwag provider. Through hours at tech shop he created all the necklaces that was to be my good prize. He also bought the generator that powered our lights and brought the screens and leds that were our backdrop. In addition he helped with the tech that allowed us to run parts of the sign independent of the other parts of the sign.

PF: Co-creater or the No Thank You sign, builder of the frame that protected it, creator of the sandwich board that was on the ground and explained the rules, and teardown and mooper,

Thursday night was our first night. This was the test, while we figured out if people got it. And they did! When people approached we would ask them to step into the ez up, and tell us their offer. If we wanted the item, then the three judges all had office style bells that we could ding. (Sometimes if more than one of us wanted the item there would be multiple dings and we’d have to figure out who dinged first.) If they finished and there was no immediate ding, then we would go judge by judge while we all considered the offer, then say Camp No Thank You and maybe explain why or ding our bell. If we all say Camp No Thank You, we would say “Please take a prize” and gesture to the table which had our series of buttons. We each had 3 Thank yous to give out a night. If we did say Thank You then these things would happen:

Ding! from the bells
We would walk the person outside the ez up and we would turn off the No in the sign and then use the dimmer to make the Thank You get bright and dark. This alerts the crowd that We have a Winner!
We would put the super duper prize we had created around the neck. The prize was a necklace that said Camp No, Thank You! There were a few different versions but this is the most impressive.

Designed by me and Russ, Lasercut by Russ, and handpainted by Sylkia:

My first thank you was pretty much our first customer, my coworker Nakia. She wound up offering strawberries dipped in a chocolate raspberry sauce. And I was desertless and wanted to give one to her, so she got one. One of my first No Thank Yous was my friend Nobody who walked up and asked if we wanted to see his junk. [Camp no Thank You. Please take a prize.] I don’t remember what my second Thank You was. My last one was my favorite though. Brother Bob was a brother to my friend Jen, and it was his first real Burn event. He had come up and we explained what the concept was. He went away and came back near the end of the night. He came back in and said “I have a multi offer for you”. I offer you sweetness, wisdom, vanity and uselessness. Sweetness: hard candies Wisdom: a button of his with cool words (which now that I think about it he never actually took it off but that’s okay) Vanity: A t-shirt that said Brother Bob Uselessness: 5 cigarettes. Thank You’s that Peter Fuhry took: a lighter attached to a rosary for PF so he could light Pixie’s cigarettes, a tradge lapdance from Joe;; Pixie took: a stamped blank postcard from a girls penpal, a special BFF prize Things I know I said No Thank You to: a full pack of cigarettes, homemade booze, a look at what was under the tentakilt, tequila, clam candies

Penpal Postcard!

No Thank You to What's Under There

Friday night was one of those nights where you have to remember that these events are not the default world and sometimes the elements are stronger than you. It rained (sky opened and the ocean fell rain) all afternoon. I spent that afternoon napping and although I knew the world may be a little bit moist I was ready to get to it. I already knew PF was taking the night off because he was going to go perform somewhere else, but Sarah Science’s boyfriend Tyler was really into the concept and he wanted to be a judge, so he was going to fill in for PF. When I got up Pixie was not in a place to open that night. Their tent had been ransacked by the wind and rain and their tent was a lake and nothing was dry. My wife offered to fill in for Pixie. So already I was going to be opening with 2 people not originally part of this part of the project. But I thought, well maybe that’s part of the magic and it will wind up working. But then there was the issue of gas in the generator. This was my first time ever working with a generator. We were camping separately from the No Thank You setup and stupidly when we used the car to drop off all of the infrastructure for Camp No Thank You, while we left the generator, we did not leave the can of gas. So we had a 5 pound tank of gasoline which was too big to just carry over there. I had known that early in the day and Bustin had said he would drive us over there in his new art car when it was time. The bad part was that when we woke up, we found that the world was mud and the art car wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. So, now I was at no gas and none of the people I intended to do this with. I took myself to my car and put myself in time out for a few minutes and dealt with the fact that I felt powerless. I could ask my boyfriend to grab the cart and drag the gas through the mud in the dark even though it would suck, and I knew my wife would fill in even though there were other things she wanted to do but I decided Camp No Thank You to trying to force it. And one of the lessons I have learned in my many years of burn events is that trying to force it is a bad sign. If the universe is saying no, listen. So I said oh well and decided to spend some fun time with the camp as we went on a walkabout. But I do admit I felt guilt at taking up a good spot location wise and having a full night we weren’t open. However, there was walking and dancing and it felt good to just let go of the option. This was really my big night out so I’m glad I had it.

While on the walkabout we did go by NTY to see if it was blown apart and it had in fact held up very well. I had been trying to think about what I would do if I didn’t have a boyfriend or an art car as has been my station pretty much every year and I thought that I would ask Red Camp our neighbors for help, so we went across to red camp and asked Flash for a gallon of gas so we could work the generator and make sure everything was working. He was so great and did not loan but gave us the gas, and we found it was good and would be ready for the next day. (Flash got one of the few necklaces without having to go through the full process.)

Saturday everything got up and running again, and we had a late night shift (midnight-4am) as we had gone on our rampage earlier that night. and now that we had this down a little better. We had Tyler and Presley as guest 4th judges. I said yes to a patch based on early Burning Man drawings, Pixie said yes to the amazing corn. Pixie gave D.A. a necklace for his sing a long in our camp earlier that day. The Great Wendini came in and made us close our eyes and hold this chicken butt and chant about it being our talisman and light and love. I really appreciated the thought she put into it. My favorite thank you of the night was a violinist who had an led on his bow and we wound up with a crowd watching us and clapping and dancing along. Getting to look out at their faces with the light of the No Thank You sign above it was my “this was all worth it” moment. Pixie got a headache and went to bed. Lisa Joe got the wife Thank You for a tradge light show. Sister Sue was recruiting walker bys and we gave one to a light show. Said no to a scratch of these crazy nailhooks. Peter accepted his first Pickle Back. I didn’t have my phone which was my notetaker so I don’t have records of the other things we said no to. There was a guy who came in and had a briefcase and offered us a warm beer which we said No Thank You too. However, he had this crazy musical instrument and we had him play for us and it was awesome so we tried to teach him the lesson that his talent is better than a warm cheap beer. Said yes to an acknowledgement from Tiara. Said no to dental dams and leaving them there in our space after we said no. Two of my favorite offers we said No Thank You to was one offer of the Shirt off his back and one offer of the tip of the hat.


My tradge video of the amazing Corn



Sunday night was our final night and we really enjoyed the offerings that night. People really understood what was happening and came prepared. We were offered: Spoken word, (1 yes) , singing (said 1 yes to Monk and his unicorn song) A crazy lady with a full meat platter shook her hips and shoulders and gave us a song about it “You know you’re hungry... You know you want it....” Sadly we were all not hungry and down to our last Thank Yous, so we said Camp No Thank You. She stomped off bitter and said no thank you to our prize buttons. There was a beautiful Princess who blessed us knowing we would say Camp No Thank You, but didn’t do it for the button prize as she said she was only taking yeses that night. We said no to pirate cup the guy had had for 3 flispides. PF had one of my favorite Thank You’s. A girl came up and offered us a beautiful flask with a cigarette case inside of it. She explained that she doesn’t smoke, but she would bring it to burn events and offer them to smokers. Now she has gotten to a point where she doesn’t drink either really, so she was ready to let it go. My final Thank You of the night was from my friend Morgan which would up being an hour and a half footrub and a great conversation. After we closed and turned off the sign and I was sitting there with Morgan people kept trying to come up and play. We got accosted by a unicorn rampage. There was a musician who kept trying to play flute and lute at us, and I finally had to explain we were closed. He replied “I know you’re all out of gratitude.” I agreed I was.

That last night we learned that letting people see that the prize just for trying was buttons made a huge difference. Previous to that night they had all been in little boxes, but the rain had molted the boxes. So that night they were plainly buttons on the table. Suddenly we needed a bouncer to stop people from just walking up and taking the buttons. We explained they had to play for them. So now we know that that having the buttons visible is important. And some sort of barrier so they can’t just take them. Other logistical things we learned: We needed a “Times We’re Open” sign. We needed a white board so we can record what we say yes and no to. The gas for the generator lives where the generator lives. It is easier to have just the judges in the judging area because having other people in there gets confusing for the participants.

Monk teaches us that Unicorns Are Evil

I really got everything out of it I wanted. I definitely want to do it again next year now that we have a handle on it and more other people understand what we’re doing. So I end by saying Thank You to the Flipizens for understanding my art.

Flipside 2013

Part 1 written May 29th, first day back to work after Flipside:

I’m currently sitting in our weekly Wednesday meeting trying not to fall asleep. The topic is dull and it doesn't affect my work at all so that’s not helping. Therefore, sleepy. Of course, having had the ability to take a daily nap over the last few days I am finding today incredibly difficult.

I do love naps. But anyway-here’s my answer to the “So how was Flipside?” question. It was really really good.

The Daily News:Collapse )So yes, my 15th year was more victory. This is how we win.

Camp No, Thank You

Camp No, Thank You

In two days I head to Flipside. This will be my 15th year in a row attending. Wonderlounge is having a quincinera and I plan to stop by because girl, I’m a woman now.

Since moving back to Texas I normally do a volunteer role for the organization, but I make sure that role doesn’t actually have any work onsite (minus our camp shift). Four days isn’t really that long, and especially once I moved I use that time to huff my out of town friends. So normally I use those 4 days as the time of the year when I’m not responsible to anyone to do anything. I may do the same thing at Burning Man, but the playa is not relaxing.

Years ago our camp used to be on the field and work at interactivity. We achieved different levels of success with that especially since weren’t local. We moved from full camp interactivity to event interactions-ridiculous breakfasts and ridiculous rampages. And for the past 4 years our camp has been the camp that does nothing in camp. I choose to believe we’re among the funniest people out there, but our giant camp of disparate groups is the retirement village. We have no dues. We have no requirements. We have no official camp infrastructure, because all of those things can bring drama, and that above all is what we don’t want.

But last year I had a moment of inspiration. My friend Steve has a lovely camp called Camp Yes Please! and I was thinking about that when I decided that what Flipside needed was Camp No Thank You. I think I had just had a weird interaction and a been given a bad drink. And while Flipside and Burning Man are filled with wonder and delight, there is a certain amount of shit that comes along with it. This is not a PLUR event. I don’t have to love everyone.

And so out of my grumpiness I created a camp, a camp where I get to say no. The concept is this.

We are open 4 hours a night.

People come into our space and offer us their gift.

Nine times out of 10 we will decide we don’t really want it, and say Camp No Thank You. But just for trying they get their pick of buttons, with funny sayings related to things they don’t want. Ex:
No Thank You. I’ve already been saged. Repeatedly.
No Thank You. I’ve already had my poorly made drink.
No Thank You. I’ve already had my creepy hug.

But 3 times a night each of us gets to say Thank You, and accept the gift. If we do, then there’s a bell and maybe a dance, and they get a fine piece of schwag.

So in the past few months me and mine have worked very hard on this camp. There’s over a hundred buttons, there’s many many necklaces that Russ lasered at tech shop and Sylkia painted. There’s a beautiful sign that Pixie and Peter Fuhry have crafted. There’s lights and bells and more all purchased for this thing. (I’ve spent more on this camp than on a a Burn event since I first had to do things like get a tent, etc.)

And the thing is, I don’t actually know if it will work. If you have a bar camp, you know people will come in and drink your possibly poorly made but free drinks. If you have a dj setup, you at least believe that people will come dance to your tunes. Lounge space? People love to sit. But I’m asking people to pony up for possible/probable rejection. Not sure if people will go for it.

But it doesn’t really matter. I’m building a project knowing that in the end it will burn. It really has been about the cheesy journey. It has been about designing the art with Russ. It has been about that man showing me that when he says he will help he will do it and joyfully. It has been about telling people about the camp and having them provide me with button ideas. It has been about the joy Pixie felt shopping for the perfect bell. It has been about coming home to see how Sylkia managed to paint them and it looks so much better than I thought. It has been about that moment when we put it all together as Team No Thank You in my backyard last weekend and thought, well, even if it doesn’t work and no one participates, we have at least created a well lit place to hang out. And the necklaces are wood so they will burn well and we won’t have to cart them home. By this time next week I will be home. Part of how to have a good burn is to not have expectations. But it’s hard to do when you put so much work in. So let’s see what happens and as of this moment I feel fully at peace with that phrase of whatever happens, happens.

I always say we work very hard for our fun. And this year that is definitely true. But I would so rather be doing this than anything else.

A Perfect Moment

The last time I remember having a noted perfect moment was I think in 2000. I lived in Los Angeles and we lived in this big Victorian we called NeoTexMex. (Inhabitants: Me, Sylkia, Jon McDonald, Audrey Maker, Matthew Maker, and our attic big kitty, Damon.) I’m not sure what had happened the day before, but I’m guessing it was a party because this was Sunday morning/afternoon. All the windows were open and the light was perfect and I think we had just eaten brunch and as cheesy as it sounds “Time of My Life” by Natalie Merchant was playing and I specifically remember our ginger Lesbian (but not for long) Carrie dancing. And I breathed in and knew that in that moment I was right in the middle of a perfect moment. I loved everyone in my home. Gigsville was still new and we were so in love. I lived in the City of Angels. My family was healthy and happy. There were things in my life that weren’t perfect, but at that moment I knew they didn’t matter. I was exactly where I was supposed to be and that is my definition of winning.

I got to have another one on Sunday. I was invited to go to a girl’s sleepover with the Camparet/Dive Bar girls. Although it was the weekend before Flipside I had missed the last one I had been invited to and have been wanting to get to know these women better. Saturday Sylkia went with me and we headed off for an adventure. We wound up at a magical property for an incredible time. The property owner normally rents out the space for events, but she had a cancellation so she decided to have a girls weekend. It was basically two groups of friends. The property owner is probably in her 60s, and so she had around 15-20 friends in her age group. Through previous rentals my friend wound up becoming friends with the property owner, and she invited her to inviter her own group of ladies mostly in our 30ishs to come as well. The property owner catered the event fully, with food and more booze than you can shake a stick at squarely.

We arrived around 7pm. All of the trees contain strings of mirrored disks, and when the wind flows through it’s like a disco ocean. We ate dinner and took a look around to see the river access and the little lit paths. It’s so much goodness. (You can bet I will be planning an event here in the future.) We checked out the cabin/houses which are filled to the brim with arty walls. Then the night just flowed with good conversation with good women. More than a few stomachs hurt due to too much laughing. (And I admit mine hurt from too much champagne.)

Once upon a time that was one of the revelations of Gigsville. Although most of us had grown up being those girls who normally are better friends with men, we managed to find a whole group of women we admired, respected, and most importantly trusted. And while I am still glad that I decided to move back to Austin, and have the best women friends a girl could have in this town too, I was so delighted to have found a whole other pack of new vibrant, funny women who I think I feel the same way about. That’s not even mentioning the older ladies who were also so awesome, and so much our future.

After getting a good night’s sleep where we slept in the car with all of the doors open because the weather was impeccable I made my way back into the goodness. While eating breakfast a few of the older women started to play. They were a 3 piece of guitar, stand up bass and violin. And 2 of the women sang together that morning with folk tunes about families and outlaws and pain and love.

And sitting there among the music and giggling women drinking mimosas we had our own little gospel lady brunch. The gospel of gorgeous people and a gorgeous day on gorgeous land. And I knew. I breathed in another perfect moment.

There are still things that aren’t perfect, but they don’t matter. I’m so pleased to be exactly where I am right now. I’m in love. I’m healthy. I have so many amazing people in my life. (The past few weeks have been especially ridiculous with the outside world validating us. Tim Walker was declared a ‘most fascinating Angeleno by LA Weekly. Audrey and the Epic Unicorn project (Austin Art Authority) are making it to the cover of the Austin Business Journal. Heidi and Nate won San Francisco’s small business of the year award for the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen and Nate got a write up in the Huffington Post.) My family is thriving. This week I head to Flipside with my new love and later this summer Burning Man. Kat and Bustin have a new baby coming. Girlie and Travis has a new house. Sylkia gets the big girl job and it looks like future cheesy goodness. In fall Russ and Xtian will move in. My sister’s getting married next year. Etc. Etc.

Yesterday parts of Oklahoma were destroyed by nature. And I know that it can happen that fast. Everything can change on a dime. So today I felt the need to write it out, to take a moment and be grateful and testify that on May 19, 2013 I had no doubt in my heart about who, what, or where I was. Perfecto.

Weekend of March 1-March 3rd

So I'm going to try and start writing my weekend missives again because I too often wonder where the time went and these help me when I wonder.

Weekend Details:Collapse )

So yes, successful!

This week involves dance lessons, a dance party and I thought there were more parties for the weekend but it look like Russ' parents are coming ins o i get to meet them (eeep!)


2012 NYE Meme

Okay so here we are again. Again about an hour and a half of sleep. But this time I am writing this on the plane using internet for the first time because I forgot to copy the meme before getting on so I am actually spending $5.41 for an hour of internet in order to write this. I didn't finish in time so I did a bit more while at Twigsville and am finally finishing here at home.

If you're interested in the past:


I forgot 2004.


2006: (this one is locked friends only because it was a very honest one)






2011 was the Year of the Rabbit and is traditionally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits, diplomacy, and keeping the peace. For me 2011 was very pleasant year. I did do good stuff in the house and made some art this year.

Memeness:Collapse )

I know my year 2013 will be filled with the house, my friends, helping the team put on the new GCI, a small lead position of Regional Outreach for Flipside, helping Audrey with the Epic Unicorn, putting on Camp No Thank You at Flipside, taking Russ to Burning Man, at least 1 if not 2 New Orleans trips, as well as all of the artistic and health goals I have for myself.
I am feeling very positive about the year ahead. In 2012 a lot fell into place. In 2013 I am SO excited about everything. 2013 is the Year of the Dragon which is about Surprises and Risks. Bring it.


What's Making Me Happy This Week

Dinners made for me by my boyfriend-came home to a perfect Mexican Martini and home made sun dried pasta with Alfredo sauce and dessert
Love Migas from Cafe Magnolia
Marking things off my smite list (dropped off items for charity, errands done, planted bamboo in backyard)
Celebrating babies (baby shower for Steph & Beau)
Celebrating love with a wedding effigy (wedding celebration of Julie and Nathan)
My semi regular skype dates with Kevissimo.

Good music (dance music with words!):
Benchun Mix
Pumpkin Mixes

I'm finally getting some of my photos downloaded. Here's one that makes me happy I have my current camera.

From the John Paul Gaultier show

Took Russ to see his first poetry slam. a. there was a poem done there that was a 10 in my mind, perfection.
Also Ernest Cline was there who wrote Ready Player One. 1. Got to see the delorean he owns. I love that he achieved this dream. 2. Read Ready Player One if you haven't already. 3. He is a spoken word poet and little did I know but he was the one that wrote Airwolf. The only thing more Airwolf than Airwolf is seeing Airwolf performed live. Also the young poet sitting behind us didn't know Airwoldf was a tv show, he thought he was just making up stuff. If you would like to hear Airwolf go here:

Went to Art Outside for a 3 day weekend. So much made me happy. In fact I would say I was wildly happy all weekend.
Good Barbecue from Louie Meuller BBQ and have confirmed it is my favorite bbq in Texas. Get the beef rib. Seriously.
Dancing to Pumpkin's Set
Seeing a 5 year old have a pretty damn great birthday (Happy birthday Naomi!)
First "burner" camping trip for Russ. We worked well as a couple and he enjoyed himself. Great to be with someone and see them see it for the first time. First time seeing the Arc Attack tesla coils. First time seeing stage shows with full music and dancers and aerials, etc. Nice to see things through his "virgin" eyes with him.

Most importantly was this moment that I wouldn't have even known how to put into words. Banned Rehearsal played, which is a terrible "Burning Man band" who play songs about the Burn and in general are pretty terrible but they are funny. But they are a special kind of funny. They are the kind of funny that puppet karaoke is, or Gigsville doing karaoke while we throw beers through a chain link fence. There are many experiences to have at these events, and this band and these kind of experiences aren't for everyone.

He thought it was funny. He totally got it. And I know that even if he hadn't we would have been okay because we match up so well. But when he enjoyed it a part of me exhaled a little bit.

In fact this weekend did that more because being able to enjoy events together is important to me. We work well as a team.

This next week should be full of happy as I will be in California and New Orleans in the next 7 days,


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